This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fw.png Co. offers a wide range of artisitic pieces and antiques which are immitations of ancient and medieval times with an outtake from the modern era, recreated by talented and reputed artists. This unique creation process produces revolutionary pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. 

We provide a wide range of products, but in general we offer: 
  1. Artificial trees, flowers, and plants in diverse sizes, colors, and categories. 
  2. Planters and bases belonging to many art schools to fit every taste that are offered in a variety of raw materials and sizes.
  3. Indoor and outdoor fountains and waterfalls which also belong to numerous art schools with a new innovative touch that introduces a sense of tranquility and peace to its surrounding and develops an appreciation for aesthetic values in the artwork.  
  4. Formal and abstract art pieces made from stone that can be displayed as paintings, aesthetic wall art, or as complementary indoor and outdoor decor. These pieces are characterized by escaping the familiar and breaking the barrier of repetition and tradition; they were made by artisits in an attempt to go beyond the barrier of time and place.